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Steve Gregorich, PhD

UCSF DOM, Division of General Internal Medicine

Steve Gregorich, PhD


Introduction to SAS PROC VARCLUS: A (mostly) superior alternative to EFA,

Tuesday April 13, 2021; 11-12:30

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This talk is Part II in a 3-part series being offered by CAPS Methods Core faculty member, Dr. Steve Gregorich, prior to his retirement later this year.  The three recorded sessions were/are/will be as follows:


3/2, 11-12:30          1. Introduction to exploratory factor analysis (EFA)*

4/13, 11-12:30        2. Introduction to SAS PROC VARCLUS: A (mostly) superior alternative to EFA *

5/11, 11-12:30       3. Simplified power analyses for clustered sampling designs with compound symmetric covariance structure of x and y: A survey of sample size ratios (SSR).


* Co-Sponsored by the CAPS Visiting Professors Program

Location: Zoom.


Short Bio: Steve Gregorich is a statistician focused on clinic- and community-based health
disparities research in the areas of cancer prevention and survivorship, smoking cessation,
women's health, oral health, HIV prevention, and language barriers in clinical care. Via the
UCSF Center for Aging in Diverse Communities (CADC), he provides research mentorship to
junior faculty who are committed to careers focused on reducing and eliminating health

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