Application requirements

Before starting the online application, you will want to prepare the following text and files for uploading. We strongly encourage you to download a Word Doc listing these questions, which you can fill out, and then copy and paste your responses into the online application. Using this document is intended to help reduce the potential for problems with the online application. 

Also, do not use Internet Explorer browser to complete the online application. 

Text you will add to the online application: 

  • A statement of your research program with the following components:
    • Title and overall goal of your program of research (150-300 words)
    • Significance of the research, including its theoretical foundations (200-400 words)
    • Your previous work relevant to this area (200-400 words)
    • How you see participating in the program fitting into your research program and attainment of long-term goals (200-400 words)
  • A description of previous training with quantitative research methods, software, and analysis (limit of 250 words)
  • A description of previous training with qualitative research methods, software, and analysis (limit of 250 words)
  • A plan describing how you will ensure adequate time to complete the pilot study and develop a competitive NIH application by the end of the three-year program (limit of 250 words)

File uploads for the online application: 

  • A Specific Aims page for an NIH grant proposal that you would write during your participation in the training program.  
    • We ask that your Specific Aims page includes a tentative project title, as well as descriptions of the significance, proposed activities, sample(s) and methods, and relevance to public health of the study. 
    • In case you are not familiar with a Specific Aims page, here is a link to examples and one to guidance for aims pages.
    • Limit the Specific Aims to one page. You may include a second page for references. Please use Arial 11 font, and single spacing. Include a header labeled SPECIFIC AIMS at the top of the page in boldface type. 
  • A one-page summary of a pilot study that would be conducted using funds from the program and that would provide preliminary data for the research proposed in the Specific Aims page. 
    • Limit the description of the pilot study to one page. Include a header at the top of the page titled “Proposed Pilot Study” in boldface type. Note that the pilot study must be meaningfully distinct from the proposed Specific Aims for an NIH grant proposal. The pilot study is a small project designed to provide preliminary data for the larger grant proposal.
  • A current CV that includes a list of publications and grants awarded

The online application also asks questions related to the NIH grant proposal that you would write: 

Additional materials to send by email:

  • Three letters of recommendation received by the program application due date. Letters of recommendation should support the applicant’s participation in our program by specifically noting why the letter writer believes the candidate to be an ideal fit for this particular training program. The letters should also be letters of recommendation which discuss the characteristics and background of the candidate for why they believe the candidate has the requisite skills, background, and abilities (both research/technical and interpersonal proficiencies) to both benefit from the program and to contribute to the development of fellow trainees.
  • A letter of institutional support from the applicant’s home institution demonstrating commitment and support of the applicant’s research by detailing specifically how the applicant's institution will support the applicant in completing the CAPS pilot study and applying for NIH research funding (e.g., descriptions of time off for research, seed money, and administrative and/or research assistant support supplied by the home institution) received by the program application due date.

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