Application requirements

Applications must be complete and received in full by the program application due date. The strength of applications will be evaluated based on the following materials:

  • A current CV that includes a list of publications and grants awarded.
  • A statement explaining the goals and significance of your research program, and your previous relevant work.
  • A Specific Aims page for an NIH grant proposal that you would write during your participation in the training program.
  • A one-page summary of a pilot study, conducted using funds from the program, that will provide preliminary data for the research proposed in the Specific Aims page.
  • A description of previous training with qualitative and quantitative research methods, software, and analysis.
  • A plan describing how you will ensure adequate time to complete the pilot study and develop a competitive NIH application by the end of the three-year program.
  • Three letters of recommendation received by the program application due date.
  • A letter of institutional support from the applicant’s home institution demonstrating commitment and support of the applicant’s research (e.g., time off for research, seed money, and administrative and/or research assistant) received by the program application due date.

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