Image of Rochelle Blanco

Rochelle Blanco

Academic Program Management Officer

Image of Alicia Bolton

Alicia Bolton

Qualitative Analyst

Image of Beth  Bourdeau

Beth Bourdeau

UCSF Prevention Research Center Deputy Director

Image of Rita Butterfield

Rita Butterfield

Project Coordinator

Image of Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Lara Coffin

Lara Coffin

Project Director

Image of Megan Comfort

Megan Comfort

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Dale Danley

Dale Danley

Visiting Professors Program Manager

Image of Lynae Darbes

Lynae Darbes

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Tri Do

Tri Do

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Willi Farrales

Willi Farrales

Intervention Counselor

Image of Michelle Gonzales

Michelle Gonzales

Mentoring Program Manager

Image of Barbara Green-Ajufo

Barbara Green-Ajufo

Research Partnerships Manager

Image of Sarah Gutin

Sarah Gutin

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Mary  Guze

Mary Guze

Programmer / Analyst

Image of John Hamiga

John Hamiga

Communication Coordinator

Image of Orlando Harris

Orlando Harris

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Miranda Hill

Miranda Hill

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Melani Hunt

Melani Hunt

Communications Coordinator

Image of Mallory Johnson

Mallory Johnson

Interim Division Chief / Faculty

Image of Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Clinical Research Coordinator

Image of Hyunjin Cindy  Kim

Hyunjin Cindy Kim

Clinical Research Coordinator

Image of Andres Maiorana

Andres Maiorana

Research Specialist

Image of Breonna McCree

Breonna McCree

Intervention Counselor

Image of Shivani Mehta

Shivani Mehta


Image of Kristin Ming

Kristin Ming

Research Supervisor

Image of David Olem

David Olem

Behavioral Health Counselor

Image of Michelle Palomares

Michelle Palomares

Data Manager

Image of Julian Paredes-Gotamco

Julian Paredes-Gotamco

Lead Interviewer / Recruiter

Image of Octavio Posada

Octavio Posada

Project Coordinator

Image of Nichol Randall

Nichol Randall

Research Financial Analyst

Image of Mitch Rassner

Mitch Rassner

HR and Operations Analyst

Image of Greg Rebchook

Greg Rebchook

UCSF Prevention Research Center Director / Faculty

Image of Olga Reznick

Olga Reznick

Faculty Emeritus

Image of Cherie Ros

Cherie Ros

Division Manager

Image of Gustavo Saggese

Gustavo Saggese

Research Analyst

Image of Glenn-Milo Santos

Glenn-Milo Santos

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Jae Sevelius

Jae Sevelius

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies Director / Faculty

Image of Yojani Ulloa Romero

Yojani Ulloa Romero

Project Assistant 2

Image of  Luz-Fernanda Venegas

Luz-Fernanda Venegas

Interviewer / Recruiter

Image of Isabella Ventura

Isabella Ventura

Study Coordinator

Image of Jack Whiteford

Jack Whiteford

Research Financial Analyst

Image of Troy Wood

Troy Wood

Intervention Coordinator

Image of Ben Zovod

Ben Zovod

Research Analyst