Image of Amy Conroy, PhD

Amy Conroy, PhD

Assistant Professor

Image of Dale Danley, MPH

Dale Danley, MPH

Visiting Professors Program Project Manager

Image of Lynae Darbes, PhD

Lynae Darbes, PhD

Associate Professor

Image of Aaron Hostetler

Aaron Hostetler

Survey Researcher II

Image of Estie Hudes, PhD, MPH

Estie Hudes, PhD, MPH

Specialist / Statistician

Image of Shana Hughes, PhD

Shana Hughes, PhD

Research Specialist

Image of Akira Jackson

Akira Jackson

Project Coordinator

Image of Veronica Jimenez

Veronica Jimenez

Patient Navigator

Image of Daryl Mangosing, MPH

Daryl Mangosing, MPH

Research Communications Specialist

Image of Amanda Mazur

Amanda Mazur

Project Coordinator

Image of Breonna McCree

Breonna McCree

Peer Counselor

Image of Megha Mehrotra, MPH

Megha Mehrotra, MPH

Data Analyst

Image of Kristin Ming

Kristin Ming

Project Coordinator

Image of Lissa Moran, MPH

Lissa Moran, MPH

Qualitative Analyst

Image of Steve Morin, PhD

Steve Morin, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Image of Emelyn Ponce

Emelyn Ponce

Financial Analyst

Image of Sarah Puryear, MD

Sarah Puryear, MD

TAPS Fellow

Image of Mitch Rassner

Mitch Rassner

HR and Operations Analyst

Image of  Luz-Fernanda Venegas

Luz-Fernanda Venegas

Clinical Research Coordinator

Image of Isabella Ventura, RN

Isabella Ventura, RN

CBA Provider

Image of James Wendelborn

James Wendelborn

Patient Navigator

Image of Paul Wesson, PhD

Paul Wesson, PhD

TAPS Fellow

Image of Rebecca West

Rebecca West

Field Researcher III

Image of Ben Zovod

Ben Zovod

CBA Specialist