Image of Mireya Avila

Mireya Avila

Assistant Program Coordinator

Image of Celeste Balaban

Celeste Balaban

Clinical Social Worker

Image of Natasha Barron Ludwig

Natasha Barron Ludwig

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Matthew Beld

Matthew Beld

Project Manager

Image of Jennifer Bie

Jennifer Bie

Project Policy Analyst

Image of Rochelle Blanco

Rochelle Blanco

Program Manager

Image of Alicia Bolton

Alicia Bolton

Qualitative Researcher

Image of Beth Bourdeau

Beth Bourdeau

PRC Deputy Director

Image of Jovon Bright

Jovon Bright

Research Assistant

Image of Rita Butterfield

Rita Butterfield

Project Coordinator

Image of Annie Chan

Annie Chan

Financial Services Analyst 2

Image of Megan Comfort

Megan Comfort


Image of Amy Conroy

Amy Conroy

Associate Professor

Image of Ahmad Danesh

Ahmad Danesh

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Dale Danley

Dale Danley

CAPS Visiting Professor Program Manager

Image of Lynae Darbes

Lynae Darbes

Associate Professor

Image of Carol Dawson-Rose

Carol Dawson-Rose

Affiliated Faculty

Image of Sam Dilworth

Sam Dilworth


Image of Tri Do

Tri Do

Assistant Professor

Image of Roddrick Dugger

Roddrick Dugger

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Richard Elovich

Richard Elovich

Research Associate

Image of Willi Farrales

Willi Farrales

Intervention Counselor

Image of Shannon Fuller

Shannon Fuller

Qualitative Analyst

Image of Stuart Gaffney

Stuart Gaffney

Lead Program Coordinator

Image of Michelle Gonzales

Michelle Gonzales

Program Manager

Image of Barbara Green Ajufo

Barbara Green Ajufo

Research Partnerships Manager

Image of Luis Gutierrez Mock

Luis Gutierrez Mock

Project Director

Image of Sarah Gutin

Sarah Gutin

Assistant Professor

Image of Mary Guze

Mary Guze


Image of John Hamiga

John Hamiga


Image of Orlando Harris

Orlando Harris

Associate Professor

Image of Elsa Heylen

Elsa Heylen

Senior Statistician

Image of Miranda  Hill

Miranda Hill

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Graham Hinchcliffe

Graham Hinchcliffe


Image of Melani Hunt

Melani Hunt

Communications Coordinator

Image of Kim Hyelee

Kim Hyelee

Graduate Researcher

Image of Kristopher Jackson

Kristopher Jackson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Jennifer Jain

Jennifer Jain

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Image of Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Clinical Research

Image of Shivali Joshi

Shivali Joshi

Research Analyst

Image of Kim  Koester

Kim Koester

Associate Professor

Image of Ala Koreitem

Ala Koreitem

Research Assistant

Image of Hannah Leslie

Hannah Leslie

Assistant Professor

Image of Daniel Milman

Daniel Milman

Research Assistant

Image of Kristin Ming

Kristin Ming

Research Supervisor

Adrienne Mocello

Director of Data Sciences

Image of Erin Moore

Erin Moore

Project Analyst

Image of Lisa Moran

Lisa Moran

Research Analyst

Image of Steve Morin

Steve Morin

Professor Emeritus

Image of Michelle Nakphong

Michelle Nakphong

Assistant Professor

Image of Holly Nishimura

Holly Nishimura

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Simon Outram

Simon Outram

Qualitative Researcher

Image of Neia Prata Menezes

Neia Prata Menezes

Postdoctoral Scholar

Image of Jesus Ramirez-Valles

Jesus Ramirez-Valles

Division Chief, The Division of Prevention Science

Image of Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes

Professor Emeritus

Image of Olga Reznick

Olga Reznick

Adjunct Professor Emeritus