Grants Received

Since the VP program’s inception in 1997, program participants have received 151 multi-year awards from NIH, including 63 R01 awards, and another 37 awards from CDC, HRSA, NSF or SAMHSA. From all sources, Visiting Professors have been awarded over $319 million in grant funding. The following are a few of the NIH grants recently awarded to program participants:

  • Elena Cyrus, Principal Investigator. ENTRUST: economic navigation and strengthening to realize unrestricted services for transgender women (DP2 grant in 2023)

  • Alida Bouris, Principal Investigator. Implementation of a triadic network case management intervention for younger Black sexual minority men (R01 grant in 2022)

  • Jesus Ramirez-Valles, Principal Investigator. Structural racism and discrimination in older men's health inequities (R01 grant in 2022)

  • Kristi Gamarel, Principal Investigator. A multi-level approach to improve HIV prevention and care for transgender women of color (R01 grant in 2022)

  • Tonia Poteat, Principal Investigator. Transgender-specific differentiated HIV care: an implementation science study (R01 grant in 2022)

  • Lunthita Duthely, Principal Investigator. mCARES: An HIV adherence intervention to support racial/ethnic minority women with/at-risk of substance use and mental health disorders (R34 grant in 2022)

  • Jonathan Lassiter, Principal Investigator. Engaging Black men and health equity scientists in mind-body research (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Grant in 2023)

  • Karine Dube, Principal Investigator. Integrating trauma-informed research in assessment of young women engaged in HIV cure research trials with analytical treatment interruption in Durban, South Africa (R21 grant in 2023)

  • Russell Brewer, Principal Investigator. J-RISE: Relevant implementation strategies to eliminate the social and structural barriers to HIV services among justice-involved Black men who have sex with men (R01 grant in 2023)

Manuscripts Accepted/Published

Past and current Visiting Professors have had over 2,000 publications since beginning their participation in the training program. The following list are selected new publications in 2022 and 2023. Program participants’ names appear in bold.

Birnbaum J, Roberson M, Bailey MM, Smith MDR, Turner D, Qian HZ, Jeon S, Hirshfield S, Nelson LE. Leveraging family-based assets for Black men who have sex with men in House Ball Communities: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial. PLoS One. 2023;18(9):e0289681. PMCID: PMC10490903.

Bowleg L, Landers S. Intergenerational Trauma and Structural Racism: New Mentorship Approaches to HIV and Substance Use Prevention and Treatment. Am J Public Health. 2023;113(S2):S92. PMCID: PMC10282849.

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