Grants Received

Since the VP program’s inception in 1997, program participants have received 135 multi-year awards from NIH, including 56 R01 awards, and another 38 awards from CDC, HRSA, NSF or SAMHSA. From all sources, Visiting Professors have been awarded over $286 million in grant funding. The following are a few of the NIH grants recently awarded to program participants:

  • Lunthita Duthely, Principal Investigator: mCARES: An HIV Adherence Intervention to Support Racial/Ethnic Minority Women with/at-risk of Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders (R34 grant)
  • Russell Brewer, Principal Investigator: COVID-19 testing and vaccination social network diffusion for diverse criminal legal involved communities (U01 grant)
  • Kristi Gamarel, Principal Investigator: Strengthening community responses to economic vulnerability and HIV inequities (R34 grant)
  • Alida Bouris, Principal Investigator: Harnessing social network support to improve retention in care and viral suppression among young Black men in Chicago and Alabama (R01 grant)
  • Latrice Pichon, Principal Investigator: Collaborating with faith leaders of the Deep South to end the epidemic of HIV stigma (R13 grant)
  • Omar Martinez, Principal Investigator: Forging sustainable solutions for HIV continuity of care through medical-legal partnerships (R34 grant)
  • Rasheeta Chandler, Principal Investigator: In-the-kNOW: A mobile application to optimize HIV prevention and sexual/reproductive health communication among Black women in the Southern U.S. (R34 grant)
  • Julia Lechuga, Multiple Principal Investigator: Optimizing a bio-behavioral intervention to promote viral suppression among HIV+ people who inject drugs on the U.S.-Mexico border (R01 grant)

Manuscripts Accepted/Published

Past and current Visiting Professors have had over 2,000 publications since beginning their participation in the training program. The following list are selected new publications in 2022. Program participants’ names appear in bold.

Aidoo-Frimpong G, Collins RL, Agbemenu K, Orom H, Morse GD, Nelson LE. Barriers to HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Uptake and Ways to Mitigate Them: Perspectives of Ghanaian Immigrants in the United States. AIDS Educ Prev. 2022;34(3):209-225.

Ayala G, Arreola S, Howell S, Hoffmann TJ, Santos GM. Enablers and Barriers to HIV Services for Gay and Bisexual Men in the COVID-19 Era: Fusing Data Sets from Two Global Online Surveys Via File Concatenation with Adjusted Weights. JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2022;8(6):e33538. PMCID: PMC9239571.

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