Program commitments

When applying, you will be asked to commit to the following:

  • To attend the full 6-week program in San Francisco each summer (for three consecutive years) without absences.

  • To complete yearly evaluation forms and return them to the program coordinator.

  • To provide the program office with information regarding your professional development and accomplishments following completion of the program. At a minimum, we ask you to submit an updated CV each year that includes grant awards and publications.

  • To credit the VP grant in publications resulting from the utilization of resources of the VP program by including the NIH funding acknowledgment and complying with the NIH Public Access Policy.

  • To spend 25% of your time annually on research.


We expect to open our application for the summer 2021 in fall of 2020. At this time, you may go back to the administrative and program criteria to see who is eligible, or review the materials required to apply for the program. Or, go back to the main page for the Visiting Professor program.