Quotes about the program

From the 2022 summer program

"The way that our group congealed over the summer is unparalleled, and that could only happen in-person. Given the pace of the program and how much feedback we receive, it's important to have a safe space where we could get and receive feedback in an accountable way that just can't happen online."

"Being in person, we really bonded as a cohort. I have participated in various programs virtually, but none of them can replicate the bonding experience that happens when we are in this together, in person. There's a great deal of relationship building that happens between sessions, before and after the work day, on the train, and at lunch."

"By being in person, I made professional connections at UCSF beyond the mentors in the program. I met several people who were peripherally related to the program, and who invited me into research partnerships as a result of meeting with them on campus."

From the 2021 summer program

"The connections I made in the VP program have expanded my research network significantly. This expansion has alleviated some of my burden as the PI in my home institution. I have a larger toolbox with additional knowledge, skills, and peers."

"My participation in the CAPS VP program was timely, facilitated my access to world-renowned experts, and provided the psychological support I need at this stage of my career."

From the 2020 summer program

"Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we were still able find some balance. The feedback received during the research planning seminars was incredibly robust. I am grateful that we were able to make progress on our research milestones even during the pandemic."

"My social network has grown exponentially. I now have access to expertise that I don't have at my academic institution. I feel more self-efficacious in developing and submitting proposals and no longer feel insecure about seeking the expertise of colleagues at other institutions."

From the 2019 summer program

"I got so much more than I bargained for! I was able to draft a program of research, and have it critiqued by experts who are personally invested. Because of the intense, focused attention I was able to give to my research, I gained clarity and specificity about my future directions."

"Literally having six weeks of protected time to work on research is a benefit in and of itself. Having mentors and workshops made it even more of an amazing experience to grow and develop into a stronger scholar."

From the 2018 summer program

"The dedicated time to focus on my research is rare, so naturally during the program my research productivity heightened. With the faculty and facility resources, I could accomplish research benchmarks. To me, the success of fellows depend heavily on the six-week interactions in San Francisco. Program immersion was essential to my outputs this summer."

"The expertise of the different mentors and colleagues enriched the program immensely. I got very rich feedback, thoughtful suggestions and concrete examples on how to improve my proposal."

From the 2017 summer program

"I was able to focus on my research agenda and manuscript writing. In addition, the seminars challenged me to think outside the box and propose new research questions that could advance HIV prevention among vulnerable populations."

"I was able to "write my tail off" and "nerd out." The protected time and deadlines really helped me grow as a scientist. I left feeling more confident in my abilities and with a deeper commitment to my work." 

From the 2016 summer program

"During this summer I had the opportunity to connect with other colleagues that will be part of an R01 that we are developing. The experience was very positive. I truly think that CAPS have wonderful resources who are very talented, skilled, competent and generous with their time."

"It takes time and multiple exposures to a scholarly product to be familiar enough with a project/scholarly product to provide the highest quality feedback. Meeting in-person with faculty mentors repeatedly over the course of six weeks provides that exposure."

From the 2012 summer program

“I won the NIH Loan Repayment Program as a result of my work of the work I have done with the mentors. I have also established research collaborations as a result of the networking that was established by the mentors.”

“This is the only time during the year that I get to devote my entire efforts to developing this project. During the year, I have to teach, serve on committees and do other things. In addition, CAPS provides access to the resources, faculty mentors, scholars, and structured time that I would not have during a typical summer.”

“Having access to the CAPS faculty during the program was invaluable because we have individual time with them to focus on our project alone, bringing their skills and expertise to bear in the meetings.”

“To have the opportunity to work closely with nationally recognized experts in this field – people who are invested in your success almost as much as you are – is perhaps the most valuable aspect of this program. I have participated in other training programs, but nothing like this.”

“The unique aspect of CAPS is the sustainability. You really get the sense that you are joining a family of researchers with the same goals: to reduce health disparities and HIV prevalence. It is a collection of scientist who working from various angles to help eradicate this epidemic. It is a great environment.”

From the 2011 summer program

“The VP CAPS program is an outstanding opportunity to learn about writing NIH grants, deepen methodological skills, and build strong collaborative relationships with colleagues.”

“This is the most supportive and intellectually stimulating environment that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in.”

“This program connected me to an amazing network of senior scientists conducting research directly related to my own research interests and passions. I’ve been connected with other junior faculty and research scientists – relationships that support my own intellectual and scholarly growth.”

From the 2010 summer program

“The VP program expanded my knowledge and skill base exponentially. More importantly, I became part of a lifelong community of researchers and collaborators dedicated to high quality HIV prevention research. It was an invaluable experience, and I still have two more years to go!”

“The unique training environment provided by CAPS is unparalleled. CAPS faculty engage with your work in ways that improve one’s ability to conduct the type of research necessary to meaningfully address HIV/AIDS-related disparities in ethnic minority communities. I am a better scientist because of my time at CAPS.”

“The intellectually challenging yet supportive environment of CAPS provided me with an opportunity to discuss and conceptualize my ideas with a group of experts who expressed a genuine interest in the success my program of research and career.”

“The CAPS VP program lives up to the hype (and more). The time that I spent learning with and from the faculty and other visiting professors has helped to accelerate my program of research and strengthened my confidence in my abilities as a scientist in the field of HIV prevention research.”

From the 2008 summer program

“Fantastic program. Really helped my productivity and helped me create a grant proposal that I was really proud of.”

“One of the best experiences of my professional training… The faculty is extremely knowledgeable about scientific research, publishing and the whole grant writing and review process…something critical for any junior faculty like me… Moreover, the relationships formed between the VP and their Mentor last forever…I am getting way much more out of the program than I expected!”

“The VP program is a home away from home. The faculty have always been very encouraging and supportive of my ideas and research goals. They provided advice about the nuts and bolts of putting together a successful research plan, as well as offered their wisdom on how to navigate life as successful independent researcher. I’ve got the grants but more importantly I have colleagues and friends I can call upon for a lifetime. Anyone looking to be a successful HIV prevention researcher in communities of color would benefit greatly from the program.”

From the 2007 summer program

“As HIV is further recognized as a disease of the disenfranchised, the VP program is an important social justice response. Bringing together highly trained scientists to receive additional support to effect change is a most significant contribution in the fight against HIV disease.”

“Come prepared to work hard, risk being fully exhausted at the end of the summer fellowship, but learn and grow intellectually in ways you never imagined.” “It’s difficult to put into words the professional contributions of this program. It has an impact that is broad-based and time-released, providing contacts and support structures that allow the fellow to realize professional goals with maximal success, while meeting the individual where he/she is currently located in terms of scholarly development.”

From the 2006 summer program

“The CAPS VP program breathes new life into the research world by giving a voice to junior faculty who have fresh ideas and experiences from different perspectives. This is a very hands on and personalized program which takes a lot of hard work and tenacity. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. CAPS faculty values VP ideas, while simultaneously giving critical feedback on theory development and grantsmanship. The program assists our success as scientists and ultimately our goal of curbing the HIV epidemic in communities of color.”

“The VP program at CAPS provides an unparalleled opportunity to receive training to help fight HIV disease from a research perspective. The intellectual generosity and supportive endeavors of the faculty inspire dedicated researchers to learn more and strive for higher quality research acumen and skill. Through my training here, I am convinced that the future beneficiaries of my research will owe a debt of gratitude to the faculty and peer VPs of the VP program.”

“Every aspect of my experience in the Visiting Professors program was extraordinarily helpful. The faculty at CAPS has vision and a deep sense of commitment to work with the Visiting Professors. The breadth of scholarly expertise in HIV and AIDS prevention along with a caring work ethic were core elements of the program.”

From the 2005 summer program

“What a wonderful opportunity! This program gave me the chance to think intensely about my line of research for six (mostly) uninterrupted weeks; something that rarely happens during the academic year. It also gave me the chance to get good feedback about my work from colleagues doing similar work across different disciplines. The workshops on writing grants and qualitative methodologies were especially useful.”

“This program was so amazing. I had the chance to meet other faculty across the country with similar interests and learn from them. The feedback regarding my project and more importantly how to best chart my research career was invaluable. This program is like no other! I feel very honored to have been selected as a VP.”

“You come with your research idea and you leave with a support network of faculty and colleagues as well as renewed passion and belief in the value of HIV prevention research.”

From the 2004 summer program

“This is an outstanding program. It is a diverse, supportive, and intellectually stimulating group of scholars and you will find your work all the better for it. And for that, we give a lot to each other and truly embrace the spirit of scholarly collaboration, gentle but rigorous critique, and encouragement of each other’s research endeavors.”

“My research and ideas were pushed in so may unexpected directions. I got little of what I had originally expected but exactly what I need to deepen my program of research.”

“The program is helpful in so many ways; an extremely well-crafted career development training ground, offering an ideal combination of support and encouragement, critical feedback, skills-building, and networking.”

From the 2003 summer program

“An excellent program that guides you along the research process in practical ways that traditional academic programs cannot.” “The program provides an abundance of resources, all directed towards our development as researchers. I felt fully supported but also strongly challenged to hone my thinking. Thank you so much for a truly enriching experience that will have a major impact on my research career direction.” “This is the type of program that can change your academic trajectory, particularly if you are reliant on soft money for survival.”

From the 2002 summer program

“Having been afforded the opportunity and privileged to get away from the “hustle and bustle” of academia to focus primarily of my program of research, with a group of “like thinkers” is something that I will value always. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is engaged in or plans to engage in HIV prevention research with populations who are not mainstreamed.”

“The faculty and other VP’s have a genuine interest in helping us develop our work. This type of supportive community of HIV prevention researchers is a rare find for researchers of color.”

“This program promotes individual growth as a scientist within a professional non-minority and minority scientist network. The key to this program is to encourage and support the VPs to develop as scientists and to conduct scientific studies in HIV/AIDS research in different ethnic groups. The program also encourages the VPs to replicate the process of mentoring with others in their home universities.”

From the 2001 summer program

“Unequivocally, my visiting professorship in the Collaborative HIV-Prevention Research in Minority Communities Program was the most intellectually stimulating and professionally fulfilling experience that I have had to date.”

From the 2000 summer program

“My experiences with this program have been extremely positive, due in large part to the collaborative spirit among the visiting professors and the sense of commitment to both the program and my work on behalf of the collaborators.”

From the 1999 summer program

“The CAPS VP program has, without a doubt, been one of the most rewarding professional experiences that I have had to date. I feel honored to have spent three summers working with a group of people who share my commitment to groundbreaking HIV/AIDS research and interventions in communities of color. The CAPS faculty and other visiting professors are the most generous, supportive and intellectually innovative people that I’ve met during the course of my career. As for the program itself, I believe that being a part of it has had an invaluable impact on every aspect of my professional life. In short, I am a more critical and innovative thinker and a better teacher, researcher and writer as a consequence of this fabulous program.”

From the 1998 summer program

“The interactions with colleagues working on HIV/AIDS in minority populations and with CAPS faculty make this program a wonderful and supportive intellectual experience.”

From the 1997 summer program

“We are leaving six weeks later with much greater focus and specificity, a written plan for implementing the first phase of our research, commitment to carry out our programs of research, and most importantly, faith that it can be done.”