Alameda AIDS Research Coalition

Alameda AIDS Research Coalition

The Alameda AIDS Research Coalition was a consortium of health sciences investigators at UCSF (academic researchers), community-based organizations that serve the African American community (CBO researchers), and community members (community researchers) that answered significant scientific STI/HIV research questions.

About AARC – History and AIMS – Learn more about the AARC.  

Former Research - The AARC held two half-day research forums that highlighted collaborative research efforts within Alameda county. Click here for a list of research projects by AARC members in Alameda County, CA.

Click here for the 2013 Research Compendium

Click here for the 2015 Research Compendium

Resources – A list of resources to assist research collaboration between researchers and CBOs.  


The principal investigators for the African American Research Coalition were:

Academic: Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot (formerly with UCSF CAPS)

Community: Cynthia Carey-Grant (Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Disease – W.O.R.L.D)