Technical Assistance (TA) Services


CAPS/PRC Technical Assistance

How can we assist your organization?

CAPS/PRC is funded to provide technical assistance (TA) to community based organizations and local and state health departments to assist in the access, use and implementation of HIV science to strengthen programmatic and research processes, develop stronger grant proposals and develop evidence based policies. Contact us now. 

Consultations are also offered by the CAPS DevelopmentalMethodsCommunity Engagement, and Intervention and Implementation Cores. Visit each core to learn more about the specific services and resources that are currently available. 

Scientific Assistance

  • Consult with a Researcher
  • Review of Program Materials
  • Targeted Review for Grant Proposals and Surveys
  • Assistance in facilitating research/community partnerships
  • Science to Inform Policy

Access and use of HIV Science

  • Assessments and measurement tools
  • Fact Sheets, Reports, Research Summaries and Instruments
  • Science Access (Journal Articles searches, etc)
  • Recommend Resources in Spanish
  • Interpreting and applying HIV science to community programs

Community Collaboration

  • Community Advisory Board TA
  • Partnership Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Evaluation Resources

Dissemination and Engagement

  • Dissemination and Diffusion Strategies
  • Social Media for Public Health
  • Utilizing Web Metric and Analytics

Past Technical Assistance Provided:

  • Strategize web marketing for an Open-Access GIS system self-teaching curriculum
  • Connect Community-Based Organizations with Survey Instruments
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Contact the Community Engagement (CE) Core with questions or requests at:

Web contact form / Phone: 415-476-6326 / Email: [email protected]

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