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Project Name Eligibility Criteria Contact phone/website Contact email address Compensation
HIV Cure Research Strategies Online Survey 18+ years of age; living with HIV and in good health [email protected] $10-25 Amazon gift card
Healthy Divas 18+ years of age, transgender woman, AND living with HIV; must be able to travel to San Francisco

510-519-4606 (call/text)

[email protected]

Up to $520


18+ years of age; HIV seroconcordant or serodiscordant LGBTQI couples, Bay Area [email protected] $180 for each couple per visit
WYZ 18-29 years of age, HIV+, SF Bay Area [email protected] Up to $125

HIV Cure Research Strategies Online Survey

Are you living with HIV and in good health? We are currently seeking folks willing to answer questions related to research in search of a cure for HIV. The study is a 30 minute online survey that will ask you questions surrounding if you were to participate in a hypothetical HIV cure experiment. If eligible, you can earn a $10-$25 Amazon gift card for your participation in the study. To determine your eligibility, please use the following one-time link below: For questions about the study, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call (415)-713-1742. 

Healthy Divas

You may be eligible to participate in a 3-month intervention that includes 6 individual sessions and 1 group workshop. Participants are randomized to 1 or 2 study groups. Participation also includes an initial assessment, brief monthly check-ins, and 4 follow-up assessments all at the study site in San Francisco. You may earn up to $520 for your participation.

Call or text: 510.519.4606

Visit or

Email: [email protected]

DuoPACT Study

Are you in a male couple relationship? The DuoPACT study is enrolling male couples where one or both men are HIV-positive. You and your partner will be asked to help test a couple’s support program about HIV-related issues. Compensation is up to $80 per couple per study visit, enrollment in the study is for nine months, and all study visits are confidential. For more information and to find out how you and your partner can enroll, please email Aaron Hostetler ([email protected]or call DuoPACT toll-free at (855) 800-6043.

Y2TEC Study

Are you 18-29 & living with HIV? The Y2TEC study is looking for young people (18-29) living with HIV to join a study about HIV and technology. We’re now recruiting for Y2TEC, which is a study on providing mental health and substance use services for youth (18-29) living with HIV. 

WYZ Study

WYZ (pronounced "wise") is a mobile health app designed around the unique needs of youth living with HIV. In mid-2018, we will begin recruiting youth living with HIV and their healthcare providers to participate in a pilot study to help evaluate the usefulness of WYZ. Youth participants and healthcare providers can receive cash compensation for study activities. If you would like to be notified about recruitment, please send an email to [email protected]

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For service providers

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

After two years of work focused on HIV prevention in California, the Center of Excellence is expanding the scope of breadth of our work. We are now the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health. Our expanded mission builds on our strengths in capacity building, formative research, training, and community mobilization. In addition to the many resources on our website, we offer FREE trainings and consultations in Spanish and in English:

  • Professional intermediate-level and advanced-level trainings that we create, implement, and evaluate are tailored to your specific organizational and health provider needs. These trainings may range in length from 2 hours to 2 days.
  • Consultations or technical assistance to enhance programming, build capacity, and better conduct effective research and interventions are offered for health professionals serving trans people throughout California. Our consultations may be conducted in person, by phone, or by email.


The MPowerment Project is currently being replicated across the U.S. Please visit the MPowerment website to learn more about the most appropriate materials and services for your organization.