Graham Hinchcliffe


Graham Hinchcliffe, MS, is a Specialist working with Janet Myers and team across multiple HRSA-funded SPNS projects including the UCSF Evaluation Center for 'Innovative Intervention Strategies (2iS) to Improve Health Outcomes among People with HIV’ and the California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP)-funded Jails Health Consumer Preferences implementation science project.

· The purpose of the 2iS Evaluation Center is to use implementation science methods to evaluate innovative intervention and implementation strategies in four focus areas (substance use service integration, services for LGBTQ+ youth, services for people with carceral system involvement, telehealth services) in twenty implementation sites across the US.
· The purpose of the Jail Health Consumer Preferences project is to assess and leverage consumer preferences in the design of a navigation intervention aiming to ensure linkage to HIV prevention and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment for people leaving jail in San Francisco.

Graham has worked in healthcare quality improvement, governance and regulation for 15 years, predominantly in UK based National Health Service (NHS) mental health and substance misuse services. He came to the US from the UK in 2020 to study at UCSF and conduct research. You can find Graham exploring San Francisco, volunteering for LGBTQ+ causes and running the bay trails.