Kelly Winter

Project Coordinator

Kelly Winter returns to UCSF after 10 years to join DPS as project coordinator for the Chetana-PN and Harmony studies. The Chetana-PN intervention is an adaptation of our earlier Chetana comprehensive wellness study, modified to use peer navigators to enhance engagement in care among MSM and TGW in Mumbai, India. Harmony is an intervention designed to use motivational interviewing and behavioral couples therapy to reduce problematic drinking and intimate partner violence in Bangalore. Kelly is an avid traveler and has just returned to the Bay after nine months of adventures. She studies French (mostly to impress her in-laws) and indicates that it is "tres difficile." However, she does enjoy bread, wine, and cheese, so that helps. In her free time Kelly loves the snow. When she isn't playing tennis or hiking, you can find her in the mountains, usually on skis. Kelly is very excited to be rejoining UCSF and get back to global research.