The TRIUMPH Collaborative

Trans Research-Informed communities United in Mobilization for the Prevention of HIV


The overall goal of the TRIUMPH Project is to develop and evaluate a culturally-relevant, community-led PrEP demonstration project, driven by the needs and experiences of transgender women of color. The TRIUMPH Project will identify the best methods to deliver PrEP safely and effectively to trans communities while achieving the highest levels of adherence possible. While we will not exclude transgender men or other members of various trans communities, our project will be designed with the needs of those communities most impacted by HIV in mind, namely trans women, and in particular trans women of color. Members of the target population will be involved in all stages of planning, implementation, and evaluation.

The conceptual framework for this project is grounded in the Model of Gender Affirmation, currently the only trans-specific framework for understanding and addressing risk behavior among trans women, and all aspects of service provision strategies will be trauma-informed to respond to the high levels of trauma experienced by trans communities, that particularly affects how, when, and from whom trans women seek medical care.

The primary aims of this proposal are as follows:

  • Develop an efficient PrEP delivery system within a network of clinics and community-based organizations through programming designed specifically to serve transgender communities.
  • Develop a culturally relevant, adaptive intervention to increase PrEP uptake and support adherence among transgender communities.
  • Determine the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of PrEP implementation in real world settings for transgender communities.

TRIUMPH San Francisco Team:

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TRIUMPH is a multi-site collaborative with multiple participating health centers including: