The Sheroes Intervention

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The Sheroes intervention was designed in close collaboration with the transgender community and distills common concerns of trans women living with HIV, HIV negative, and unknown status. Sheroes is grounded in Social Learning Theory, the Theory of Gender and Power, and our team's work in the area of Gender Affirmation.

The specific aims of the Sheroes R34 are as follows:

  • To test the efficacy of Sheroes, a theory-driven, culturally grounded intervention, to reduce sexual risk behavior (unprotected receptive/insertive anal sex) among high-risk transgender women
  • To explore the effect of the Sheroes intervention on self-reported HIV testing rates among HIV-negative and unknown status transgender women during the follow-up period
  • To explore the effect of the intervention on self-reported sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing rates among all participants
  • To explore differences between the experimental arm and the control arm in engagement in care among trans women living with HIV