Navigating Gender Together: Youth-Caregiver Study

Study for Gender Diverse Youth of Color & Their Parents

We are recruiting gender diverse youth of color and their parents to be interviewed separately
regarding their experiences with navigating the youth’s gender.

Participation Requirements

The study involves one, 2-hour session in which we separately interview the youth and the parent at the same time over Zoom. The first hour of the study is to explain the study to make sure you want to participate, and the second hour is the actual interview.

Both the youth and the parent must be eligible to participate as a pair.

Youth Requirements

  • Self-identify as having a gender identity incongruent with the sex designated at birth,
  • Be between 14-18 years old,
  • Identify as African American/Black and/orHispanic/Latino,
  • Have their gender identity known to all parents/caregivers with whom they reside,
  • Speak English or Spanish
  • Live in California

Parent Requirements

  • Be a parent or legal guardian of the youth
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Identify as African American/Black and/or Hispanic/Latino
  • Speak English or Spanish
  • Live in California


Upon completion of the study, both the youth and the parent will each be given a $100 Amazon electronic gift card.


Participating in research is voluntary. It won’t affect your treatment at the University of California, San Francisco if you decide not to call about the study or decide not to participate.