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Heterosexual Men – 2018

March, 2018
What Are Heterosexual Men’s HIV Prevention Needs? Prepared by Joshua Middleton and Reverend William Francis Community Engagement (CE) Core | March 2018 Heterosexual men are affected by HIV HIV is...

Black Men – 2017

August, 2017
What are Black Men’s HIV Prevention Needs? Prepared by Bob Haas & Barbara Green-Ajufo, DrPH, MPH Community Engagement (CE) Core | August 2017 Who are black men? In the U.S., Black men include different...

National HIV Testing Day – June 27, 2017 [booklet]

June, 2017
This brochure lists research focusing on HIV testing and helpful resources produced by CAPS/PRC. You might use it to: Stay up-to-date on research and learn what we found out from research Use the materials...

Opioid Use (pain pills) – 2017

July, 2017
How do prescription pain pills (opioids) affect HIV? Prepared by Kathleen Clanon, MD and Pamela DeCarlo Community Engagement (CE) Core | July 2017 Are prescription opioids a concern? Yes. Prescription...

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – 2017

May, 2017
How can Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) help in HIV prevention? Prepared by Pamela DeCarlo and Kimberly Koester, CAPS/PRC/CHPRC Community Engagement (CE) Core | May 2017 What is PrEP? Pre-Exposure...