UFO Presents!

Research Project
UFO Presents! is a CDC-funded program aimed at the meeting the broader needs of youth and young adults with injection risk. We will provide hepatitis prevention and care education, and develop and implement programmatic materials for hepatitis C virus (HCV) counseling and education. Educational materials and protocols are being developed with input from community groups in health care, HIV and HCV prevention, and with input from young IDU who are accessing the program. The program will:
  • Increase hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination in young adult IDU.
  • Increase the capacity of public health professionals to perform risk reduction counseling and service delivery to prevent new HCV infections in young adult IDU.
  • Educate current young adult IDU at increased risk for HCV infection.
  • Counsel persons with acute and chronic HCV infection and refer them for medical management.
UFO Presents! is an exciting program aimed at young IDU in San Francisco, CA and is accessed at locations in the Tenderloin and the Haight-Ashbury neighborhoods.
Research Date