Transitions Project

Research Project
The Transitions Project provides capacity building assistance (CBA) and technical assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs) and health departments throughout the US to promote knowledgeable, sensitive, and effective HIV/AIDS prevention for transgender communities of color and HIV+ transgender people. The project particularly focuses on young transgender women of color. The goals of the Transitions Project are:
  • To improve healthcare providers’ awareness around issues that impact trans health and access to healthcare.
  • To expand the capacities of HIV/AIDS prevention organizations in order to serve trans clients more effectively.
  • To increase transgender-specific resources in community-based health promotion programs.
  • To promote community building and networking among trans and gender-variant persons and allied service providers and advocates.
  • To help adapt evidence-based interventions that were originally developed for other populations so that they are culturally appropriate and relevant to young trans women of color.
The Transitions Team is available for consultation, training, capacity-building and technical assistance throughout the United States.
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