Susan Kegeles

Pilot of Culturally Tailored Mpowerment for HIV Prevention

HIV in Lebanon and the Middle East is predominantly among men who have sex with men (MSM), and rates of HIV and sexual risk behavior are on the rise among young MSM (YMSM), driven in part by increased freedom of expression, social tolerance in areas such as Beirut, an influx of migration attributed to MSM refugees coming from war torn Iraq and Syria, and a flourishing sex tourism industry.

Multilevel HIV Prevention Intervention for Young African American Men

HIV prevalence and incidence rates have reached catastrophic levels among Young black Men who have sex with Men (YBMSM), ages 18-29. The goal of this project is to determine the efficacy of a Multilevel, theory- based Intervention, calld United Black Element (UBE), in reducing YBMSM's sexual risk behavior and increasing the frequency of HIV testing.

Community Mobilization to Improve the HIV/AIDS Continuum of Care Among Black Men

HIV rates are at catastrophic levels Among young Black Men who have sex with Men (YBMSM). A study in 21 US cities found that 21% of YBMSM aged 18-29 were HIV+, compared to 9% of Latino and 7% of white young MSM (YMSM), and these disparities are worsening. YBMSM are more likely to be HIV-infected, less likely to be aware of their HIV-infection, and less likely to disclose that they are HIV-infected, relative to Men of other ethnic/racial groups. HIV+ YBMSM are also less likely than white MSM to be in treatment for HIV and to have undetectable viral loads (VLs).

Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies (TAPS) [summary]

The Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies (TAPS) program trains scientists for academic and public health careers. TAPS has been in existence since 1989 and has trained nearly 100 scientists focusing on various aspects of HIV/AIDS prevention, both domestically and internationally. The graduates of the program hold positions at universities around the US, at the CDC, NIH, several foundations, and health departments in California and in San Francisco in particular.

Transitions Project

The Transitions Project provides capacity building assistance (CBA) and technical assistance to community-based organizations (CBOs) and health departments throughout the US to promote knowledgeable, sensitive, and effective HIV/AIDS prevention for transgender communities of color and HIV+ transgender people. The project particularly focuses on young transgender women of color.