The Legacy Project: Lessons Learned About Conducting Community-Based Research

Since 1991, the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) has conducted collaborative research with local community-based HIV prevention organizations within a consortium model. Community-based research (CBR) refers to research that is conducted by or with the participation of community members. As conducted by CAPS, CBR was a full partnership, with the CBO partner taking the lead on developing the research question, delivering the intervention, and collecting the data. The academic researcher took the lead on developing the instrument, consent procedures, data collection protocol, and data analysis. Together, the academic/CBO team trained intervention and evaluation staff, interpreted the data, crosstrained on service and research issues, and disseminated the findings. We developed a model which supported joint work and negotiation of research activities, as opposed to a model where the academic researcher conducts a study on the CBO’s clients, with the CBO mainly providing access to clients.
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