Global AIDS Program

Research Project
Since 2002, the Institute for Global Health (IGH) has helped CDC’s Global AIDS Program (GAP) to achieve its goals in GAP countries and regions. UCSF faculty and staff have provided technical assistance in several broad component areas including surveillance, monitoring and evaluation, technical and scientific writing, literature digests and reviews, and research design. Our overall goal is to assist GAP to assist countries and regions to reduce HIV transmission, to improve HIV/AIDS care and treatment and to collect and use data to manage national programs effectively and allocate resources rationally, all in a way that builds long-term capacity and sustainability. Beginning in 2009, we plan to build upon these activities, including:
  • Development of guideline and resource documents
  • Provision of regional training opportunities for country and regional offices
  • A series of other technical assistance and capacity-building activities, such as:
    • Surveillance training
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Evidence-based HIV prevention strategies
    • Laboratory quality assessment
    • Systems strengthening to address the human resource needs for provision of high-quality HIV treatment and care
Research Date