Duo Project: Relationship Factors and HIV Treatment Adherence

Research Project
The DUO Project investigates how relationship factors are associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART). Based on recruitment feasibility and the epidemiology of the HIV epidemic in the San Francisco area, HIV+ seroconcordant and serodiscordant male couples are included in the study’s three phases:
  • Phase 1. We conducted a qualitative investigation of relationship dynamics and partner tactics related to HIV medication adherence.
  • Phase 2. We developed a medication adherence-specific measure of partner support, including specific tactics informed by Phase 1.
  • Phase 3. We are conducting computer-assisted structured interviews of 300 couples to Validate the adherence-specific measure of partner support developed in Phase 2 and.
Test hypotheses of the inter-relationships among individual-level variables (quality of life,. psychological well-being, substance use) and couple-level variables (relationship satisfaction, conflict, adherence-specific partner support), and ART adherence and clinical variables. Clinical status is assessed by viral load and CD4 count.
Research Date