Assessment of the Adaptation and Implementation of the Mpowerment Project

Research Project
The objective of this project is to better understand how 12 community-based organizations (CBOs), funded under CDC’s program announcement 06-618, are implementing and adapting the Mpowerment Project (MP) for young men of color who have sex with other men and young transgendered people of color. This project’s specific goals are to:
  1. Review and summarize all available background information about the MP at these 12 CBOs (e.g., grantee original applications, progress reports, site visit reports, PEMS data)
  2. Develop site visit protocols tailored to each CBO, and conduct the site visits to observe the implementation of the MP and to meet with program staff, supervisors, and participants.
  3. Analyze and summarize data about common themes across CBOs, including fidelity, adaptation, and intervention context
  4. Convene a stakeholder consultation meeting to review the findings and discuss outcome monitoring options
  5. Develop an MP outcome monitoring evaluation protocol
Research Date