Philippe Bourgois

Collaborative Research to Prevent HIV among Prisoners and their Families

There are more than two million adults incarcerated in the US and four million more on probation or parole. Rates of HIV are 8 to 10 times higher for incarcerated persons than for the general US population, hepatitis C rates are 9 to 10 times higher, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates among men entering jails are as high as 35%. Because many prisoners are serving short sentences for parole violation, and return to prison is common, at-risk individuals move frequently between prisons and their home communities.

Project Relate: HIV Risk among Male Parolees and Their Female Partners

This study explores HIV risk among men who were released from prison within the last year and are currently on parole and the women who are in sexual relationships with them. Couples are recruited from community sites in Oakland, CA for participation in a quantitative survey. The couple comes to an appointment together and then each person is interviewed separately by a gender-matched interviewer.