Gabriel Galindo

AIDS Policy Research Center

UCSF, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF), and Project Inform have created an AIDS Policy Research Center (APRC) to conduct timely research to help policymakers, planning councils and community organizations address the HIV epidemic in the State of California. The center is supported with funds from the California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP).

Latino gay men in the US

What are the HIV prevention needs of Latino gay men in the US?

Fact Sheet 28, March 2012

Why focus on Latino gay men?

The ever changing mosaic of Latino demographics in the US creates unique challenges to address health disparities of the population, especially when it comes to HIV prevention needs.  Latinos are the largest and fastest growing ethnoracial minority group in the US, experiencing a 43% growth between 2000 and 20101. Data also show that Latinos are one of the fastest growing populations at risk for HIV transmission:

Evaluation of SFAF’s Magnet Program

In this project, funded as a community collaborative by the California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP), CAPS and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) seek to evaluate Magnet, a clinic and community center located in the Castro District of San Francisco, the City’s primary gay and lesbian neighborhood. The primary study will consist of a large survey of gay men in San Francisco.

Partner Management among Latino MSM

Literature on risk has historically focused on individual behavior (“How many partners have you had? How often do you use a condom? etc.); however recent studies have begun to recognize the need to acknowledge the social and sexual context of risk behavior. For example, studies have examined the role of partner preferences, sexual situations, partner selection, sexual stereotypes and, most recently, seroadaptive behaviors. Additionally, studies of sexual risk behaviors integrate social influences that may impact sexual negotiations (homophobia, sexual silence, cultural influences, etc.).

Hombres gays Latinos en los Estados Unidos

El panorama siempre cambiante de los antecedentes demográficos de los latinos radicados en EE.UU. nos plantea retos singulares para resolver las disparidades de salud de esta población, especialmente con respecto a sus necesidades de prevención del VIH. Los latinos son el grupo etno-racial minoritario más numeroso y con mayor velocidad de crecimiento en EE.UU., con un crecimiento del 43% entre el 2000 y el 2010. Los datos también indican que los latinos son una de las poblaciones con aumento más rápido de riesgo de transmisión del VIH.