CAPS/PRC Community Townhall: HIV Service Provision During COVID-19. Best Practices and Impediments.

Gloria Crowell serves as the Executive Director of the Allen Temple Health & Social Services Ministry. Julie Lifshay is the Director of the Housing, Aging & Retention in Care Department at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.Tinia Briggs is a Peer Advocate for WORLD Oakland: Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases and Lisa Ryan is the Executive Director of CAL-PEP. 

CAPS/PRC Townhall: Towards Equity at Every Level: Bringing an Intersectional Lens to Health Systems Strengthening and Population-Specific Public Health Programming.

Sophia Zamudio-Haas, DrPH, MSc - CAPS/PRC Research Specialist 

CAPS/PRC researchers linked a widely used colorectal cancer screening to identify high-risk individuals for colonoscopy procedures. 

Paper - Yield of Colonoscopy After a Positive Result from a Fecal IMmniochemical Test OC-Light. (M. Somosouk). View this video in Spanish and Cantonese.


CAPS/PRC Townhall:  Use of Agent-Based Modeling to Evaluate HIV Prevention Strategies in Miami, FL.

Dan Escudero PhD, MPH - Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

CAPS/PRC Townhall:  Research with Marginalized Communities During COVID-19

 Akira Jackson, Arianna Salinas, Azize Ngo, Breonna McCree, Carla Clynes, Luis Gutierrez-Mock, Luz Venegas, Sophia Zamudio-Haas, & Jae M. Sevelius. (CAPS/PRC)

Generational differences in LGBTQ identity and relationships

Ilan Meyer, The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law;  Marguerita Lightfoot, UCSF CAPS/PRC and Phillip Hammack, UC Santa Cruz.