Teen Peer Educators


The following surveys were used with the Healthy Oakland Teens project at an urban, ethnically diverse junior high school. The project’s goal is to reduce adolescents’ risk for HIV infection by using peer role models to advocate for responsible decision making, healthy values and norms, and improved communication skills. Adult and student evaluations of peer educators were conducted, but these are unfortunately unavailable. Instrument: Teen knowledge, attitude, behavior, belief (KABB) questionnaire Scoring: Please read the detailed description of the instruments Reliability and/or validity: Ekstrand ML, Siegel D, Nido V, Faigeles B, Krasnovsky F, Battle R, Cummings G, Chiment E, and Coates TJ (1996). Peer-led AIDS prevention delays sexual debut among U.S. junior high school students. Oral presentation to the XI International Conference on AIDS, Vancouver, Canada.

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