Strengthening Capacity to Deliver HIV Research Counseling and Testing in International Biomedical Prevention and Treatment Trials

Research Project
In this project we will develop, pilot and evaluate a curriculum for improving HIV research counseling and testing (HRCT) skills among staff working in international prevention and treatment clinical trials. Guided by an assessment of acceptability and feasibility among clinicians and counselors, we are developing a novel self-directed learning (SDL) curriculum including a DVD/e-Learning approach and an enhanced component for training supervisors to support on-going HRCT (train the mentors or TOM). The SDL curriculum and the TOM will be piloted with a sample of trial sites in Peru and South Africa. To measure the relative effectiveness of the two training conditions (SDL alone and SDL plus TOM and supervisor support) we will use an on-line tool able to detect changes in trainee knowledge and competency to conduct risk reduction counseling before and after the training.
Research Date