National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day — April 10, 2017 [booklet]


Research & Resources

This brochure lists research projects with Youth or young adults as well as helpful resources produced by CAPS/PRC. You might use it to:
  • Stay up-to-date on research and learn what we found out from research
  • Provide materials in trainings/presentations
  • Advocate for services/funding
  • Write grants
  • Develop new or modify existing HIV prevention programs
  • Evaluate current programs
  • Connect with CAPS/PRC to develop new projects. Lead researchers (PIs) are listed for each study. Contact us below to connect.
Questions? Comments? Contact Daryl Mangosing via phone at 1-415-514-4590 or email at [email protected] This brochure was prepared by the CAPS Community Engagement (CE) Core, which is previously known as the Technology and Information Exchange (TIE) Core.


MSM: Men who have sex with men PI: Principal Investigator (lead researcher on the study)
Research Date