HIV Prevention for Middle Adulthood Gay Men: A Formative Research Project

Research Project
We are conducting an exploratory, qualitative study of middle-adulthood gay and bisexual men, ages 30-49. The study’s objective is to identify the significant psychosocial needs of gay and bisexual men in middle adulthood that might be addressed as part of a culturally grounded, targeted HIV-prevention effort. We will recruit 15 to 25 men from community venues in the San Francisco Bay area known to be frequented by gay and bisexual men such as bars, clubs, parks, gyms, cafés, and the Internet. Volunteers will be invited to participate in a two-hour qualitative interview, during which we will elicit their personal narratives as gay and bisexual men and as members of society. Some participants will also be selected to participate in two focus group discussions.
Research Date