Culturally Relevant HIV Prevention for Transgender Women

Research Project
Transgender women (people who were assigned ‘male’ at birth but identify as female) are disproportionately impacted by HIV, especially transgender women of color. The specific aims of this research are:
  • Conduct 15 qualitative interviews to describe the influence of transgender women’s unique 1. cultural context on their HIV-related risk and behaviors and protective factors.
  • Create new and adapt existing quantitative measures to more accurately assess psychosocial 2. dimensions and behavior relevant to transgender women’s HIV risk and protective factors based on the qualitative data collected for Specific Aim 1
  • Survey 150 transgender women to identify psychosocial influences on HIV-related sexual and 3. injection risk behaviors and protective factors, using the new and adapted quantitative measures created in Specific Aim 2
  • Develop and test the feasibility and acceptability of a theory-driven, culturally grounded HIV 4. prevention intervention for transgender women, based on the qualitative and quantitative data collected in Specific Aims 1 and 3
Research Date