Miranda Hill, PhD, MPH


My work examines the social epidemiology of HIV inequities among multiply minoritized women living with HIV. My history of working with multiply minoritized women began with volunteering with mobile women’s health clinics, community outreach organizations, and hospitals. These experiences have served as the motivation for my endeavors to explore how intersecting social systems shape inequities among cis- and trans women, particularly in the American South. During my pre-doctoral years, I designed qualitative and quantitative studies exploring the connections between the social networks of African American/Black cis- and trans women living with HIV in the Deep South and trans women living with HIV in the U.S and ART adherence. While the primary focus of my research has been on behavioral health outcomes, I plan to extend my understanding of how to conduct which research which examines the interplay between social networks, physiological networks, and biomedical outcomes. Ultimately, I’d like to learn how to develop multi-level interventions that reduce inequities through capacity-building and policy change.