Results of our Chetana adherence study in India

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By hosting wellness groups, individual sessions, and peer-led support groups, adherence-challenged participants achieved viral suppression and improved adherence. (M Ekstrand, E Heylen CAPS/PRC)

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We are very excited to share the results of our Chetana intervention. We offered 10 comprehensive wellness groups. They included classes in yoga, nutrition, and information about local resources, medical and legal issues as well as a PLWH-led support group. In addition, the participants saw a staff counselor for 6 individual motivational interviewing sessions to help them implement their treatment engagement plans and eliminate any barriers they may be experiencing.

What makes this intervention most unique is that the intervention improved rates of participant viral suppression together with 95% ART adherence.

Title: A Behavioral Adherence Intervention Improves Rates of Viral Suppression Among Adherence-Challenged People Living with HIV in South India. (M Ekstrand, E Heylen CAPS/PRC)