Adapting Interventions – Approaches, Considerations, and Lessons for Practice - A Workshop Offered by the CAPS Implementation Science and Health Systems (IS/HS) Core

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Virtual Workshop on Adapting Interventions: Approaches, Considerations, and Lessons for Practice

Efficacious interventions are not one-size fits all, but require adaptation to meet the needs of different community contexts, populations, and health services.  This workshop aims to introduce different frameworks for adapting interventions, provide insights into how the changing context of populations and settings informs adaptation, and discuss utilizing adaptation approaches to maximize intervention impact and implementation successes in different populations, settings, and health conditions.

Panel 1: Models and Frameworks to Guide Intervention Adaptation.  In the first panel, speakers will introduce some of the more widely used adaptation models, such as ADAPT-itt (Gina Wingood, PhD, Columbia Univ.) and IM Adapt (Maria Fernandez, PhD, UT-Houston), describing the steps involved and the strengths of each model.  The third speaker will introduce a complementary implementation framework that can be paired with adaptation models and explicitly incorporates understanding of setting, CFIR (Laura Damschroder, MS, MPH, Michigan VA).

Panel 2:  Processes, Themes, and Case Studies.  Panelists in Part 2 will discuss adaptation case studies, each with a different thematic focus in order to give insights on the process of adaptation to address different populations / different settings / different health concerns.  Key themes identified include interventions in the digital space (Keith Horvath, PhD, SDSU – iHOTT) ; adapting interventions to ensure health equity (Ruben Parra-Cardona, PhD, UT Austin);  and adapting into and across international contexts (Susan Kegeles, PhD, UCSF).

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