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Publisher's Info

This handbook was prepared for and funded by the California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS and the Northern California Grantmakers (NCG) AIDS Task Force. The handbook was written by the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), University of California San Francisco. It was also written with the help of many HIV prevention organizations across California who shared their experiences conducting research and provided advice on how to make this handbook useful to agencies.

Pamela DeCarlo, Diane Binson, Maria Ekstrand and Katherine Haynes Sanstad at CAPS were responsible for the research and writing of the handbook. Guidance and review were provided by Steve Truax and Harold Rasmussen at the California Office of AIDS and John Dunn-Mortimer of NCG.

The handbook was designed by Patrick Santana, who also provided invaluable review and guidance in the structure of this handbook.

Several key players in HIV prevention service, technical assistance and research provided extensive review through many stages of the writing of this handbook: Cristina Chan, Nan Corby, Ellen Goldstein, Olga Grinstead, Ann Ueda, Dan Wohlfeiler and Barry Zack.

We would also like to thank the agencies that we interviewed for this handbook, and that provided photographs and examples of research reports and forms: Tom Stubberud and Justine Tutuska at East County Community Health Services in El Cajon; Michelle Bennett at the Multicultural Education Project in San Diego; Lisa Carver at the Youth Action Project at Tri-City Health Center in Fremont; Alan Gilmore and Eric Villegas at the Fresno County Department of Community Health; Tim Reese at the Central Valley AIDS Team in Fresno; and Peggy Falk, AIDS Task Force, Humboldt County Department of Public Health.


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