HIV Prevention Fact Sheets / Hojas de Datos

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Young women
Black women
Transgender women (MtF)
Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT)
Women who have sex with women (Lesbians)

Gay men (MSM)
Young gay men
Heterosexual men
Black men
Transgender men

Parents and children
Sex education
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA)

Parents and children
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA)

Other Populations
Adults over 50
Transgender persons (MtF)

Homeless persons
Substance abusers
Injection drug users (IDUs)
Sex workers
Deaf persons
HIV+ persons

Persons of Color
African Americans
Black women
Black men
Mexican immigrants
Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs)
American Indian/ Alaskan Natives (AI/AN)

HIV counseling and testing
Needle exchange programs (NEP)
Sex education
Post-exposure prevention (PEP)
Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT)
Barrier methods
Structural interventions
Disclosure assistance (PCRS)
Testing & link to care

Risk factors
Childhood sexual abuse (CSA)
HIV/STD/unintended pregnancy
Mental health
Sexual networks

HIV counseling and testing
Rapid testing
Acute infection
Disclosure assistance (PCRS)
Home testing
Rapid testing at the US/Mexico border

Drug Use
Substance abusers
Injection drug users (IDUs)

Needle exchange programs (NEP)
Club drugs
Crack cocaine

Prisons and jails

Health care settings

Levels of prevention
Cost effectiveness
Adapting programs
Using science
Research/service provider collaboration

Sex education
What works in HIV prevention
HIV vaccine
Testing & link to care

HIV Care
Informal caregivers
Healthcare workers
Hepatitis C
HIV vaccine
Effect of treatment on prevention
Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT)
HIV+ persons
Prevention in health care settings

Fact Sheets in English
1ER - How does HIV prevention work on different levels? (updated 7/04)


2E - What is the role of male condoms in HIV prevention? (updated 1/05) PDF
3ER - What is the role of counseling and testing in HIV prevention? (updated 2/04) PDF
4ER - What are US women's HIV prevention needs? (revised 4/08) PDF
5ER - Does needle exchange work? (updated 12/98) PDF
6ER - Can healthcare workers help with HIV prevention? (updated 4/99) PDF
7ER - What are men who have sex with men (MSM)'s HIV prevention needs? (updated 12/00) PDF
8ER - What are the HIV prevention needs of young men who have sex with men? (updated 04/01) PDF
9ER - What are adolescents' HIV prevention needs? (updated 4/99) PDF
10ER - What works best in sex/HIV education? PDF
11ER - What is the role of HIV testing at home? (updated 8/98) PDF
12ER -Can cost-effectiveness analysis help in HIV prevention? (revised 1/02) PDF
13ER - What is the role of prisons and jails in HIV prevention? (revised 3/09) PDF 
14ER - What is the role of theory in HIV prevention? (revised 1/02) PDF
15ER - What are African-Americans' HIV prevention needs? (updated 9/99) PDF
16ER - What are homeless persons' HIV prevention needs? (updated 9/05) PDF
17ER - What are U.S. Latinosí HIV prevention needs? (revised 4/02) PDF
18E - Are informal caregivers important in AIDS care? PDF
19E - What are sex workers' HIV prevention needs? (revised 4/08) PDF
20E - We know what works in HIV prevention - Why aren't we doing more of it? PDF
21E - What are substance abusers' HIV prevention needs? PDF
22ER - What are heterosexual men's HIV prevention needs? (updated 4/01) PDF
23E - Can HIV prevention programs be adapted? PDF
24E - What are women who have sex with women's HIV prevention needs? PDF
25E - How is science used in HIV prevention? PDF
26ER - What are rural HIV prevention needs? (revised 5/06) PDF
27ER - What is the effect of HIV treatment on HIV prevention? (revised 9/03) PDF
28E - How do parents and children talk about HIV? PDF
29E - What are HIV prevention needs of adults over 50? PDF
30E - Should we teach only abstinence in sexuality education? PDF
31E - How do HIV, STD and unintended pregnancy prevention work together? PDF
32E - What is post-exposure prevention (PEP)? PDF
33ER - What are Asian and Pacific Islander HIV prevention needs? (revised 5/07) PDF
33T - Ano ang mga pangangailangan ng mga Asyano at Pacific Islander tungkol sa HIV prevention? PDF
34ER - Is mother-to-child HIV transmission preventable? (revised 4/02) PDF
35E - Can hepatitis C (HCV) transmission be prevented? (revised 9/10) PDF
36E - What are deaf persons' HIV prevention needs? PDF
37ER - What are HIV+ persons' HIV prevention needs? (updated 9/05) PDF
38ER - Can an HIV vaccine make a difference? (updated 2/04) PDF
39E - Can barrier methods help in HIV prevention? PDF
40E - How can service providers and researchers collaborate in HIV prevention? PDF
41E - What are male-to-female transgender persons’ (MtF) HIV prevention needs? (updated 9/08) PDF
42E - How does mental health affect HIV prevention? PDF
43E - What are American Indian/ Alaskan Nativesí (AI/AN) HIV prevention needs? PDF
44ER - How does evaluation help in HIV prevention? (updated 12/07) PDF
45E - What are young women's HIV prevention needs? PDF
46E - What is the role of structural interventions in HIV prevention? PDF
47E - What is the role of adherence in HIV treatment? PDF
48E - What are the HIV prevention needs of Mexican immigrants in the US? PDF
49E - What is the role of the family in HIV prevention? PDF
50E - How do sexual networks affect HIV/STD prevention?


51E - What are injection drug users (IDU) HIV prevention needs? PDF
52E - How does childhood sexual abuse affect HIV prevention? PDF
53ER-What is the role of disclosure assistance services in HIV prevention? PDF
54E - What are Black men's HIV prevention needs? PDF
55E - How do club drugs impact HIV prevention? PDF
56ER - What do we know about HIV superinfection? PDF
57E - Is there a role for criminal law in HIV prevention? PDF
58E - How is rapid testing used in HIV prevention? PDF
S58E-What is the role of rapid testing for US-Mexico border and migrant populations? PDF
59E - What is the role of acute HIV infection in HIV prevention? PDF
60E - How does stigma affect HIV prevention and treatment? PDF
61E - How does methamphetamine use affect HIV prevention? PDF
62E - What works best in HIV prevention globally? PDF
63E - How does the internet affect HIV prevention? PDF
64E - How does disclosure affect HIV prevention? PDF
65E - What are Black women's HIV prevention needs? PDF
66E - What are the HIV prevention needs of crack cocaine users? PDF
67E - What are transgender men's HIV prevention needs? PDF
68E - How can HIV prevention be integrated into health care settings? PDF
69E - Can HIV testing plus linking HIV+ people to care and treatment reduce HIV transmission? PDF PDF

Selected Fact Sheets are available in Kiswahili.

The HIV Prevention Fact Sheets are funded by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health.