Partnership Perspectives

In an effort to equip community and institutional leaders from the health professions with the skills and knowledge to sustain community-campus partnerships, we are pleased to provide you with a copy of Partnership Perspectives-a magazine designed to foster greater awareness of critical issues impacting upon partnerships between communities and health professions schools. Partnership Perspectives is an informational resource drawing upon the diverse perspectives of leaders representing higher education, such as health professions institutions, 4-year undergraduate level universities and community colleges, health policy organizations, and civic groups. The purpose of Partnership Perspectives is to bring to the forefront the wide range of issues and perspectives that shape and influence the development of community-campus partnerships across the country. Partnership Perspectives brings to its readers a new look into the impact of partnerships and relationship building in our changing society.

The goals of Partnership Perspectives are to:

  • showcase thought provoking articles that address efforts to improve and promote community health, education and development through innovative approaches and best practices.
  • promote a diverse range of multidisciplinary perspectives from within the community and educational sectors.
  • advance new thinking and awareness about health and its connection to community and economic development.
  •  highlight ways in which communities and educational institutions value each other’s assets and strengths to collaborate and improve community health together.
  • promote the CCPH principles of community-campus partnerships

More Details:

Author(s): Kara Connors, Sarena Seifer
Published: 2000