International Travel Research to Inform Prevention (I-TRIP)

I-TRIP studies sexual risk behavior in the context of international travel among gay and bisexual men from the San Francisco Bay Area. The specific aims are: To measure the prevalence of sexual risk behavior during international travel among gay and bisexual men from the Bay Area. To document the prevalence of ART drug resistance among gay and bisexual international travelers from the Bay Area. To examine the informational, motivational and behavioral skills correlates of safer sex disinhibition during international travel. Our study will employ a mixed-methods approach combining quantitative and qualitative components to assess sexual risk behavior and potential correlates of behavioral disinhibition. We will use Respondent-Driven Sampling (RDS) to recruit a representative cross-sectional survey of 1,000 gay and bisexual men in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area who travel internationally.

More Details:

Author(s): Alberto Curotto, Hong-Ha M. Truong, Olga Grinstead Reznick, Robert Grant, Wayne Steward, Willi McFarland
Population: Gay Men and Men Who Have Sex with Men
Category: Domestic, International
Published: 2011