HIV Counseling and Testing in Developing Countries

The following surveys were used with the Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing Efficacy study, a randomized clinical trial of the effectiveness of HIV counseling and testing for the prevention of new HIV infections. The study was conducted at three sites: Nairobi, Kenya; Dar-Es- Salaam, Tanzania; and Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.


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Coates T J, Grinstead OA, Gregorich SE, Heilbron DC, et al. (2000). “Efficacy of voluntary HIV-1 counselling and testing in individuals and couples in Kenya, Tanzania, and Trinidad: a randomised trial.” Lancet V356(N9224): 103–112.

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Author(s): Olga Grinstead Reznick, Steve Gregorich, Thomas J. Coates
Category: HIV Testing, International, Interventions, Methods, Other Populations/Settings
Resource Type: Survey Instruments and Scales
Published: 2000