Collaborative HIV Prevention Research in Minority Communities

HIV has spread dramatically in minority communities, with African Americans currently being five times as likely as whites to contract HIV, and the disproportion continues to increase. Historically, few minority investigators have been funded by the NIH. Culturally appropriate measurements and methods are needed to successfully involve respondents and accurately measure their beliefs, values, and behaviors. Investigators who are members of minority groups often have more access to the minority community and more credibility within that community. In addition, they may have a greater understanding of the cultural issues that could influence behavior, and they often have language fluency

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Author(s): Barbara VanOss Marin, Don Chambers, M. Margaret Dolcini, Rafael M. Díaz
Category: Domestic, Interventions, Methods, Technical assistance/Capacity-building
Resource Type: Reports and Monographs
Published: June, 2000