Assessing the Feasibility of Conducting a Randomized Community Trial of the Encontros Intervention Model among Sex Workers in Brazil (Lippman, S)

This study will determine the feasibility of conducting a CRCT of a promising multi-component intervention among sex workers in Brazil. Determining study feasibility includes documenting local interest and input from key stakeholders and carrying out an analysis of costs to implement a large intervention trial. This study combines qualitative interviewing of key stakeholders (n=20) and modeling of sample size projections and costs to outline:

  •  Intervention design
  •  Study logistics
  • Study ethics
  • Study location
  • In-country collaborators
  • Strategies for community participation
  • Costs

More Details:

Author(s): Deanna Kerrigan, Sheri Lippman
Population: Other, Women
Category: International, Interventions
Published: 2010